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Get Down

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The Get Down project will remain one of the most important in my photography career. There was a lot of planning involved and I really gained a new appreciation for that part of the process. Although the ultimate goal of publication was not achieved, the process was an invaluable one. I love fashion, how it has evolved and how elements… Read more »

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

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I remember the day she fell in love. That sunset was pure magic! It took my breath away. How could I ever forget it? I stumbled upon across a fragile creature that day. I remember being taken aback by the air of melancholy surrounding her. She seemed so empty! I could tell that she was bothered because she glumly stared… Read more »

The Journey – Why I chose photography

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When I decided to let my family and colleagues know that I had chosen to pursue photography as more than a hobby their initial responses were not very positive. One of the common questions was whether I could make money with my photography. That question was twofold. Some were simply questioning its value to me – In essence they were… Read more »