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Get Down

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The Get Down project will remain one of the most important in my photography career. There was a lot of planning involved and I really gained a new appreciation for that part of the process. Although the ultimate goal of publication was not achieved, the process was an invaluable one. I love fashion, how it has evolved and how elements… Read more »

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

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I remember the day she fell in love. That sunset was pure magic! It took my breath away. How could I ever forget it? I stumbled upon across a fragile creature that day. I remember being taken aback by the air of melancholy surrounding her. She seemed so empty! I could tell that she was bothered because she glumly stared… Read more »


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It’s taken some time but I can finally say that I am done. k a s e v i s i o n 2.0 is finally up and running. I planned on being done with this project  early last year but I kept pushing things back.I am so happy to have my live portfolio available for everyone to see. Yes,… Read more »

The Black Condition

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She stands tall, compelling your eyes to gaze upon her figure. Her presence suggests wisdom beyond her years. Beware of her beauty though. She is enchanting, exotic to most but in many ways her beauty only distracts from the reality of her true condition. Her posture is strong – reflective of the way her struggles have molded her into this… Read more »

The Journey – Why I chose photography

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When I decided to let my family and colleagues know that I had chosen to pursue photography as more than a hobby their initial responses were not very positive. One of the common questions was whether I could make money with my photography. That question was twofold. Some were simply questioning its value to me – In essence they were… Read more »