Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

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Don't let the sun go down

I remember the day she fell in love. That sunset was pure magic! It took my breath away. How could I ever forget it?

I stumbled upon across a fragile creature that day. I remember being taken aback by the air of melancholy surrounding her. She seemed so empty! I could tell that she was bothered because she glumly stared into the distance for long periods. I was both curious and confused. So much so, I could not take my eyes off of her. The more I fixated on her, the more I felt myself getting lost in her hopelessness.  I stood there trying to make sense of it all.

Then it happened! The sun started it’s descent towards the horizon and a majestic coat of orange-red took over the sky. A few rays of sunlight pierced through the trees behind her and came to rest upon her beautiful face. The sun kissed her ever so gently. Soft light surrounded her, almost as if to comfort her. Her disposition changed right before my eyes.

She looked rejuvenated and full of life. So much so, she was radiating. That kiss from the sun triggered something internally. She reached out and caressed her face like the sunlight did moments earlier. She felt so loved in that moment. That’s when she realized that true love starts from within.

Self-love is the GREATEST love there is. For as long as she could remember, she searched for love. She searched for someone who would love her enough to replace the emptiness she felt inside. But how could she expect someone to love her if she did not know how to love herself? How can you love outward if you can’t love from within? On this day, under the magic painted in the sky, this delicate creature found love.